We were really happy with the turnout and run for this last jam, which focused on physical card and board games. What follows is a postmortem of the jam experience from our side. The games for this jam can be found at http://itch.io/jam/mjt2015. If you want to see previous posts about this jam, go to the Previous Jams menu at the top of the site, or follow this link.

The theme for the jam was Time Travel Frenemies, exemplified by these slides-made-into-a-gif:

We kept presentations short and sweet, and imparted some quick advice on working with materials. We reposted our paper prototyping link and added more content with some prototyping advice, which included thoughts on playtesting, mechanics and ideas along with a documentation tip.

Apart from that, we had a super healthy supply of materials and even a black&white laserjet printer on hand which installed it’s own drivers via USB!

A lot of the things we learnt from previous jams applied quite nicely to this jam, so we kept to the format that works. We even kept the exhibit-style game show and attempted to extend the time it lasted by an hour, attempting to accommodate the eventual card and board games. In hindsight, and as we encouraged, it was best to playtest these games before the game show, leaving that extra hour to be a bit too long. Next time we host a card/board game jam like this, we’ll keep the show to an hour, and let those who want to keep playing afterwards the chance to (as much as they are willing). This would of course mean we would book the room for an extra hour, but officially end an hour earlier.

We did personalized award certificates this jam just like we did during the GGJ2015. They were oddly appropriate and an appreciated sight for participants. It’s quite cool to have something that states you were part of the jam in any case. 🙂

We got some action shots too! One of the coolest feelings we personally had that impacted us most was the atmosphere of the jam. It’s quite a different feeling when creating physical games.

The following shows the teams and their entries to the Card/Board Game Jam 2015:

1. Paradoxonauts Frej R. Rasmus Ö. Sofia P. Anders D.
2. Time Trackers Alrik H. David R. Linnea M.
3. Fria sinnet Björn O. Rauli S. Martin W. Per D.
4. There’s not enough rum Jaffar S. Samanta M. Torsten H.
5. temporal legue Eric L. David A. Gustaf A. Peter G. Henrik D.
6. Lost in Time Marie B. Dennis J. Luka L.

We would also like to send a shout out to Malmö University for letting us have the jam at their workshop, and for generally being great in supporting our plans for the event. Special thanks also go to Johannes Nilsson for helping us in the workshop and giving us an introduction to 3D printing.

If you are interested in future game jams we are hosting or other related workshops from MalmöJamsToo, you may choose to subscribe to us by contacting our email with the subject “subscribe” (we promise to only inform you of events/workshops only!). Below is a fancypants infographic about how our event went.

Thank you for a marvelous MJT2015!