Links to resources and advice. There’s way better resources out there which are so much more informative, but we’re happy if any of the following help you!

2015 MJT Resources
The MalmoJamsToo Jam Checklist (printable PDF, from GGJ2015)
Tabletop prototyping resources/list (MJT2015 Card/Board Game Jam)
Tabletop prototyping advice

Tools – Ludum Dare list
Indie Game Development lists (there’s an archived version link)
GGJ Jammer Resources (an older page)
Finishing a game

Interesting links sent to us
Programming Guide For Video-Gamers (thank you, Dylan!)

MJT GGJ sites
2019 – MJT at Game Habitat DevHub
2018 – MJT at STPLN
2017 – MJT at MINC
2016 – MJT at Malmö University
2015 – MJT at Malmö University
2014 – MJT at Malmö University