So the reason this bot exists is because MalmoJamsToo experienced seeing limits to our hosting during the Global Game Jam 2017. We found it hard to host 87 participants with only 1-3 of us when we manually announce and manage all the information

Information includes registration, check-ins, communications, groups, mailing list, todos, costs, statistics, event information- you get the idea. This bot attempts to step towards a more automated process

We do this so we can also rest a little during the jams

Looking online at the time we found that there weren’t any bots that catered more thoroughly towards event experiences. Except maybe for an infobot for the One Hour Game Jam. So this felt niche enough to make ourselves. Nowadays there are several bots that do certain things well, and there’s one bot that we know of from Mini Jam (of itch) which assists in remote jams

That’s about it actually. If you have any ideas or concerns about the work we do, don’t hesitate to ping us. We’ll do our best to satisfy requests within reason 🙂