It’s soon time for GGJ Online 2021! We’ll be having it on our Discord server. The jam site in Malmö will start January 29

Really quick, what’s a game jam?

An event where you meet up with others to attempt making a game within a limited time on decided themes/constraints. Join one to learn, network, be productive and to have an enjoyable time! They are similar to hackathons but for games and playful prototypes.

The Global Game Jam is an annual global event that takes place at physical locations and puts a lot of emphasis on collaboration, experimentation and innovation. Due to the on-going pandemic situation, it will take place online this year. Read more about GGJ at

Game jam registration

  1. Registrations close when the jam starts.
    So join the jam soon as you’re able to so we can accommodate you!
  2. We use Discord to communicate with everyone.
  3. Follow our Facebook page for event reminders, if you want to.
  4. As it’s a Global Game Jam event we also follow their policies:
    Inclusiveness Policy and Code of Conduct
  5. Also register if you want to help volunteer in any capacity
    (or join the Discord directly and message evnh#7915).


[This schedule is liable to change]

FRI17:00—18:00Registration and information
18:00Practical information, keynote and theme reveal
18:30Team formation activity and game jam start
SAT12:00Game page deadline
16:00Some kind of activity, maybe?
SUN14:00Wrap up!
15:00Deadline for the jam
16:00Game show, maybe!
17:00—17:30 Closing ceremony!

Social Media

For those who want to use hashtags tied to our event, please use #mjt2101 #malmojamstoo #GGJ21

Global Game Jam Online 2021, Jan 29–31