It’s begun!

The theme is finally revealed: RITUAL

We are 67-70 people in 20 teams this year, which is an all new high! We’re excited to see what you all create during the event.

Anyways. The game jam teams are as follows:

Team 1: Hex666 Team 2 Team 3: UR Jamming Malmoe!
Alrik H. Alexander B. André L.
David R. Andreas K. Angelo L.
Emilia L. Beatrix M. Björn Boyd I.
Fredrik H. Daniel B. Daniel L.
Henrik P. Hugo T. Josef N.
Sofia P. Joakim L.
Team 4: Team Team 5: Doodles Team 6
Axel B. Carl William S. Emil H.
Felix L. Jonas K. Martin B.
Jesper A. Julia H. Nina O.
Manne W. Katarina K. Olof S.
Mattias A. Oskar L. Per M.
Martin G.
Team 7 Team 8: Honey Badgers Team 9: Tomtebloss
Alex C. Eric T. Ellen J.
Michelle W. Gustav J. Johannes L.
Matteo F. Simon H. Sante L.
Tristan L. Tom L.
Team 10: Outel Team 11: SLARV SYLTA Team 12: Team Rect
Gustav R. Markus B. Andreas Winther S.
Magnus A. Viktor H. Kristoffer F.
Robert T.
Patrik J.
Team 13: Goblin Academy Team 14: Phyosoft Team 15: Angry Gecko
Christian G. Anders D. Erik N.
Jonathan H.
Team 16: Husenap Team 17: # Team 18: Fake Science
Hussein T. James N. Johan B.
Team 19: Team MJT Team 20: Perfect Enough Team 21
Jaffar S. Ana G. Henrik J.
Job Z. Sebastien B. Magnus “Gordon” G.
Samanta M. Shailesh P.
Torsten H.

We also have a Twitch/streaming crew! They are:
Anton B., Benjamin J., Freyja B., Rasmus N. and Victoria L.


  • The Central Station in Malmö has some eateries if you want something quick. You’ll find a Coop Nära there.
  • During the jam you’ll all have access to the microwave ovens.
Opening—Closing times
Coop Nära 07:00—23:00 every day.


Internet Access
We will help provide access to internet. The details will be provided at the Jam.

Building Access Cards
For those of you who can not access the premises we’ll make sure that you have 1-2 access cards per group. More details on that at the Jam.

While sleeping at the game jam site is not technically allowed, taking a nap during the game jam should not be a problem.



GGJ16 is underway!