Hey! It’s that time of year again and you want to be part of the Global Game Jam 2016. Click below and follow the instructions to get registered and set at our Malmö University jam site:

  1. Registrations close up a day before the jam. Please register as soon as you are able so we can help accommodate for you!
  2. We’ll add you to a mailing list which will only e-mail you about future events/workshops we have. It’s also super easy to opt-out, and we keep your details private.
  3. We will be using Slack to communicate with everyone during the event, but you may also Like and follow our Facebook Community page.


  • The Central Station in Malmö has some eateries if you want something quick. You’ll find a Coop Nära there.
  • During the jam you’ll all have access to the microwave ovens.
Opening—Closing times
Coop Nära 07:00—23:00 every day.


Internet Access
We will help provide access to internet. The details will be provided at the Jam.

Building Access Cards
For those of you who can not access the premises we’ll make sure that you have 1-2 access cards per group. More details on that at the Jam.

While sleeping at the game jam site is not technically allowed, taking a nap during the game jam should not be a problem.



The Global Game Jam 2016, January 29—31