It’s about time! We’re excited to host another game jam, this time revolving around the creation of physical games. As usual, we will reveal the theme right before the jam. We’ll also update concerning what materials you will need for the jam.

What are physical games? We mean traditional games and games that involve materials like cards, boards, dice and tokens. We do allow digital games but they must remain screenless*. 🙂

You can have a looksie at the paper prototyping post to see what you could expect when creating a paper/cardboard prototype. We’ll bring some of the tools/materials, and will give you details on what you will need to be comfortable in good time before the jam happens.

Spots will be limited, but not too limited! We will announce updates here and via the Facebook event (and by e-mail to a few of you). Be sure to register using the registration form to guarantee a spot.

*Anything that involves screens that generate computer graphics will not count towards this jam unfortunately. Simple electronic dice and timers/counters will not either.

NOV20—22, Malmö Jams Too presents the Card/Board Game Jam