Hey! You probably want to be part of the Global Game Jam 2014 and found yourself here to join the one at Malmö University. Here’s how you get registered and set:

  1. First you would read the Rules and Guidelines we set out.
  2. Then create a profile on globalgamejam.org’s website if you do not already have one (if you are not sure don’t worry, we’ve linked it in the Registration).
  3. Next, you would fill out the Registration form.
  4. We’ll add you to a mailing list which will only be active during the GGJ 2014 event, and you’ll receive a positive confirmation e-mail that you have successfully registered within a few hours-days.

Registrations close up until Wednesday, 22nd of January. This is a preliminary date right now but we definitely would not be accepting registrations later than that.

Malmö Jams Too with the Global Game Jam 2014!