House Rules

We want to keep this as simple as possible, so we distilled everything to four ideas:

  1. You should act responsibly and use common sense.
  2. The usual rules apply at this locale.
  3. We reserve the right to take action and remove people from the event if we see a lack of respect for others, immoral or unethical treatments of any form or any other offensive or unfair handling(s). Disrupting other’s experience of their game jam after repeated warnings will get you kicked off the game jam site.
  4. Above all we want this to be a fun experience for everyone, so keep on your good sides and make certain you contribute something to the event!


By the act of participating at this locale you release and indemnify those responsible for the locale and any people directly connected to this event from the following:

  1. damage/loss of personal property/money, sickness/injury from any source, legal entanglements, imprisonment or death which may occur for any reason;
  2. responsibility for your personal well-being, physical conditions or actions of any other participants; and
  3. any and all claims and demands arising in connection with the use of your creations.

You waive any and all rights to take any legal action in respect to the event.

You are aware of the risks of participation, and are in good physical condition and confirm that your participation is strictly voluntary and no medical coverage is provided through this event.

You understand that photographs and video may be taken and you allow for the organizers to photograph and videotape, and later release these freely without restrictions.