Next MJT sketch jam event happens Dec 18. Come join us at Condeco!

Global Game Jam 2019, January 25–27 #mjt1901


It’s soon time for Global Game Jam 2019! We’ll most likely have it at Game Habitat’s DevHub (we’re still confirming some details before we’re 100%)

Click below and follow the instructions to get registered and set at our game jam site:

  1. Registrations close up a day before the jam. Please register as soon as you are able so we can accommodate for you!
  2. We’ll use Discord to communicate with everyone during the event, but you may also Like and Follow our Facebook Community page.
  3. Please add yourself as a jammer on the MalmoJamsToo game jam site (jammer registrations open Nov 8th).



Food & Internet Access
We’ll have a good enough access to food & internet. More details when we present at the Jam

Building Access
We will provide more information about this as soon as we can update a more detailed description. But in general you should not need to worry about getting inside and the Jam will take place between two main areas (so far). More details on that at the Jam

Because of the security issues involved, we’ll recommend “napping”. There will be spaces for “napping” quite peacefully. We’ll figure it out

Social media

For those who want to use a hashtag that’s tied to our locale, please use #mjt1901 #malmojamstoo